June 24, 2016 was a sad day for anyone that believes in the power of cultural exchange and the right of humans to travel freely throughout the world. On that day, the citizens of the United Kingdom arrogantly voted to leave the European Union. Like a scene out of a movie, David Cameron stepped down from […]

Nearly nine months ago, Mike asked me to marry him while we were on vacation in Riomaggiore, Italy. We sat perched on the rooftop terrace of our rented apartment, a bottle of grappa half gone and amarretti cookies crumbled on the white plastic table in front of us. It was dark but light enough to make […]

I’m a citizen! The notification came on March 4, 2014 in an email without a subject heading from the Italian Consulate in New York City. “I have the pleasure of informing you that you are an Italian citizen… the procedure to obtain Italian citizenship is complete.” As I read the message, I longed to encroach […]

My appointment at the Italian Consulate is tomorrow in New York City. Over the last thirteen months, I’ve collected paperwork, waited, sifted through photographs and sharpened the memory of my Italian grandparents and a great aunt in whose loving care my character formed. I’ve also felt inauthentic compared  to my first generation  friends who can giggle […]

“This is the springtime of my loving, the second season I am to know. You are the sunlight in my growing, so little warmth I felt before.” -Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song, Houses of the Holy, 1973 Granny gazes out through the window at the canopy of an indomitable maple tree while she peels potatoes […]

My mother is of Danish heritage so when I told her that I was applying for dual Italian-American citizenship, she said “Well…why not Denmark?” “Not an option” I told her. The Scandinavians are progressive, artistic, peaceful, hearty and notoriously frugal people. Prying an already tight fist open enough to let those born elsewhere become citizens […]

My childhood Christmases usually started with the sound of  our feet crunching and packing the snow as we exited our car and walked toward the door of my Uncle Bob’s house, our breathe forming smoke rings in the blackness of the December night. It was Christmas Eve and Uncle’s Bob’s house, which he built mostly with his […]

Last week at a bar in New York City,  I met a friend from high school who is also pursuing dual Italian-American citizenship. I hadn’t seen Matt in over nine years but he was just as I remembered him. His demeanor is both elegant and unbuttoned as he carries himself gracefully and giddily through the […]

As you already know, my dad is Italian. He is also a writer. Below is his piece On Being Italian. Click here to see his blog where he writes about various topics including but not limited to coverage of my brother’s impressive stint as a percussionist in the local marching band, the pondering of big […]

2013 has been declared “Year of Italian Culture in the United States” by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the Ministry: “The goal of the Year’s theme is to present Italy as a country that is forward-looking and forward-thinking… with a vision and perspective together with the experience and expertise to meet the […]